Craft is a machine learning powered data and analytics platform. They organize financial, operating & human capital data for early-stage to the largest companies.​

Business Goal

Increasing the user acquisition and user retention of Craft Platform.


Research showed B2B salespeople were the highest users of Craft platform . Craft  challenged us to design a experience to increase their acquisition.


Led user research and user interface design for redesigning the Craft Feed experience.

Worked with Lead Product Designer.


Outcomes & Final deliverables:

Craft wanted to build an iOS app to enable salespeople on the go retrieve information about their prospective company. After conducting user research we learned salespeople are keen to receive time-sensitive alerts.The platform already had a Craft feed to provide timely alerts. We were tasked to redesign the Craft feed experience.

User Research: We kicked off the project by interviewing the B2B salespeople.We tried to understand their workflow activities.  

What we heard

  • Desktop over mobile: Salespeople prefer to conduct research on their desktops.
  • Watch lists: Salespeople track a list of companies and their updates.
  • Research is always done in advance
  • They focus on targeting key stakeholders (end users) that can lead to conversions

Key Experience Principles

Design for the User's Mental Model: In this scenario user was not ready to use the mobile app for certain tasks hence it was important to change the problem statement
Focus on Business Goals: We had a difficult challenge to increase the user retention understanding user requirements


After the phase 1 of user research team decided to change the problem statement according to user requirements and which can attain business goals.

Previous Problem Statement

“Develop an iOS app to enable B2B salespeople to conduct company research on the go”

New Problem Statement

“Design Feed experience for B2B salespeople where they will receive time-sensitive updates and act on it immediately”

Design Process

After considering these insights and the Craft’s business goals, we decided that improvements to Craft’s new feed functionality would best create value for users and the business.

Goal 1 : How might we make it easy to follow a company?



Goal 2 : How might we make identifying and acting on the information in the feed simple?



Version 1

Version 2

Version 3

Goal 3 : How might we make it easy to find companies to follow?

Our target for building the Craft feed was B2B salespeople. When we studied their behavior they wanted very curated information. Hence we decided to add the filters on the Craft feed page.

Final Outcome

This project was a great learning experience as the problem statement of the project changed based upon the user research and the business goals.I personally learnt how to work through your differences with the other teams and have effective output.


“Super excited with the work the project team has delivered! Thanks for being so adaptable as the scope and requirements dramatically changed. I’m looking forward to seeing the implemented designs” – Dan,Lead Designer at Craft