It's nice to meet you!
I’m Renuka Kulkarni, a Product Designer based in New-York. 
I have experience working on end to end products for the Education, Healthcare, Logistics and Banking industry.
With the background of an MBA in Business Design and working a few years as an  Investment Banker, I know how to take a user-centered approach without losing sight of business goals. I wish to explore my skills to design a high impact solution.
I grew up in a small town near Pune in India, where I learned real-world problem-solving approaches. It taught me the importance of empathetic thinking, problem-solving skills, and efficient use of resources. Further with my education in engineering and management, I learned it in an analytical and systematic way.
On a personal note, I am always up for a cup of chai (milk tea)☕️, playing board games🎲, and doing yoga🧘🏼‍♀️

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